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Picture of the guys at the Bats game 8-2016

Picture of the guys at the Bats game 6-2016

Picture of WW Cousins Get Together 12-2015

Picture of the guys at the Bats game 7-2015

Picture of the guys at the Bats game 5-2015

Picture of the guys at the Bats game 5-30-2012

Picture of the guys at the Bats game 8-8-2011

I found this picture recently. It's probably the finest group of janitors that ever worked (I know, just let it go!) at DuPont!

To see a picture of the golf outing that we had in May of this year. It is a bunch of DuPonter and others.

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Received on 11-25:
On behalf of myself, my husband Jim, brothers Kyle and Matt Hammer, and fiancee Kate, I want to thank each of you for your amazing outpouring of love and support during the loss of our son, Kenton Hammer.
Many of you came in support of me, after having worked with me and been friends of mine during my career at Dupont. There's probably a pretty good chance that back in the day you saw Kent's pictures on my office wall or heard me tell stories of a young Kent growing up at that time. It meant so much to me that you were there. I know some of you brought food, sent flowers, cards, prayers, you name it.....DuPont was well represented. If I don't get to thank you individually, please know how much your kindnesses meant to us -- just knowing you were there in thought and prayer was comforting to us.
In this season of Thanksgiving, we know we have much to be thankful for. Even though our hearts are heavy with grief over the loss of Kent, Jim and I and our family want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us.
We will never be able to repay you, but will be eternally grateful for your kindnesses.


Karla and Jim Hammer

Effective July 19, 2013, R. Harold Skidmore, Manufacturing Technology Senior Engineer , Louisville Works, retires from the Company with more than 40 years of dedicated service. Harold started at the Chattanooga site in 1973 as a Manufacturing Technology Engineer and also worked at the Corpus Christi site. He spent the last 36 years at Louisville Works. During his career, he held leadership positions in maintenance, PSM and in setting the foundation for MIQA at the Louisville Works site.

Submitted on 2-7-13:

My name is Moss Clore,
My father Thomas H. Clore, was killed August 25,1965.
I was 2 1/2 at that time. My mother never recovered from that day. I now work for St. Matthews fire district.
Not sure if the DuPont tragedy had an effect on me to leave the corporate world for the fire service.
As a result of the DuPont tragedy rescue operations were better developed in the Louisville area.

Mike Helton chosen as Best Nurse at Floyd Memorial Hospital. Click Here

November 27, 2012
Effective December 31, 2012, David J. Pigion, Plant Manager at the Circleville Site, elects to retire with more than 35
years of service. Dave started as a Chemical Engineer with DuPont in Parkersburg, WV and has worked at six different
plant sites, primarily in operations line management positions running high hazard processes in the Fluoroproducts,
Polymer Products and Elastomer businesses. He served as Plant Manager for DuPont Performance Elastomers at the Louisville
and Pontchartrain sites prior to his current role as Plant Manager at Circleville. Please join us in thanking Dave for his many contributions to DuPont and in wishing him, and his wife Gail all the best in the years ahead.
Karen B. Wrigley
NA Regional Operations Director

Submitted on 10-29-12:

On Friday, October 26, 2012, Jonathan Miller was recognized as an "Outstanding
Volunteer Attorney for 2012" by the Legal Aid Society of Louisville.
Mr. Jeffrey A. Been, Executive Director, offered the following remarks to those
gathered at the Louisville Bar Association for the Pro Bono Thank You Breakfast:

"Jonathan Miller was our 'go to' volunteer this past year for his extraordinary
help on expungements and divorces. Each month, Jonathan helps staff our
expungement and pro se divorce clinics. In addition, he has volunteered for
over 20 Domestic Violence dockets and represented over 40 clients at DVO
hearings. He has donated over 150 hours of his time on behalf of clients. And,
if this were not enough, even though it is not expected of our volunteers on DVO
dockets, Jonathan will remain on the client's case if the hearing is continued
to another date. And once the DVO hearing is over, he will often request to be
the volunteer attorney assigned to help the client if the client indicates that
he or she wants to proceed with a divorce. Jonathan truly goes the extra mile
for our Legal Aid clients."

Also, Jonathan and his wife, Maureen, recently celebrated their 33rd wedding
anniversary. Sharp-eyed readers of The Louisville Courier-Journal will have
seen Maureen's picture on the front page of a Saturday Metro section article
covering the start-of-school rally for 38 parochial schools in the Archdiocese
of Louisville. Maureen was shown receiving the annual award of the Catholic
Education Foundation for her school, John Paul II Academy. One teacher from
each of the 38 schools received this award, which included a Louisville
Glassworks apple and $1,000.

Submitted on 5-30-2012:

Hello my name is Randy Dawson, my father Johnny Gene Dawson was killed in the explosion Aug.25th 1965, this has impacted my
family for the last 47 yrs. I was 3 yrs old when this happened. My older brother Johnny Jr. was 7, my sister Tammy
was 5, and my younger brother Greg was 6 months old! My mother Ann Dawson never got over the death of our father until the day she passed away from a drunk driver in 2007.
My parents were the most beautiful people you could imagine. My mother almost died at the age of 25 of a broken heart, I still don't know how she raised us four kids. My older brother Johnny passed away in 2009, he told me he saw the smoke from the plant explosion that day and he knew something was wrong.
At 3 yrs old I still remember the plane ride back to Houston. I too knew my life had changed forever. I wanted to go to the plant where my father died and pay my respects to all the men who died that day but it looks like I waited to long.
Randy Dawson.

I need Riggle Kimberly L's address where I can send her the pictures of the people
that were killed during the 65 explosion as she requested.
Tom Bach

Received on 4-22.
I have the plant paper that was printed after the explosion. It has the 12 people that was killed pictures on the front page.
Tom Bach Posted on 3-19

I was doing some research on my childhood neighborhood and your site came up as someone had mentioned John Summers who had lived there. Another person had posted the question if anyone knew the names of the victims of the August 1965 Dupont explosion and I have a list of 9 (including Mr. Summers. Didn't know if you'd be interested in adding it to your odds and ends in answer to the other persons question.
Thomas H. Cloce (36), Charles F Clem (57), Edmond Dever (32), Gaines R Taylor (46), Christopher N Sinbach (46), George A Cracraft (36), Johnn G Dawson (26), all from Louisville; David H. Thompson (43), New Albany; and John S. Summers (55), Jeffersonville.
I believe there were 12 victims in all. This article was written the day after the explosion and listed that besides the 9 bodies recovered, 2 were still missing and presumed dead and 1 person was in the hospital in critical condition with burns over his entire body. Also, the article was a scanned copy on the internet on the site and is somewhat grainy.
Mary S.

Please let it be known that I am now an attorney in private practice, licensed in Kentucky,
and representing clients in family law matters.
My business information is as follows:

Jonathan D. Miller
Jonathan D. Miller, P.S.C.
10351 Linn Station Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40223-3816
(502) 326-3660

I Would like to contact anyone from the 1950's and 1960's in business and/or clerical.
Thanks... Bill Peters (MY gawd! we're OLD!) -----

Hello All: I have published The Book:
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by Janice Baldon-Gutter
Caregiving: A Daughter's Story tells the story of a Daughter who experienced the surprise, joys and pain of watching loved ones become ill and eventually die. Suddenly she became the decision maker for those who once made decisions for her. When did the roles change from carefree child to adult caregiver for the loving parents who raised her? How did she cope and survive the process? Learn how an average person, like you, learned to make healthcare and other professionals LISTEN and work with her (and not dictate to her) to make decisions on behalf of loved ones. Read the story of an ordinary person coping with the stresses and joys of caregiving for loved ones, how to survive through the caregiving process, and how to say "NO" to others when caregiving is over.
Part I - Preparing, Surviving Through and Live Life After Caregiving
Part II - My Story of Caregiving
Part III - Moving on - Plant closing, Marriage, Losing Friends, Learning to Say NO to others when caregiving is over.
September 5 article in the Courier Journal Click Here

DuPont explosion August 25,1965.
If you would like to hear some live news coverage of this go to then scroll down to WAKY news Department DuPont Disaster coverage August 25, 1965, then click on Download it. I remember it so very well!
Tom Cobb

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Danny Lee Gatlin

Pictures of Charlie and Judy Crowder at a Bats game.

See some pictures of Gary Napier's son working at the Louisville Slugger plant. Here


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