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Can you please add this to website????

Subject: Clean out your closet and help Special Olympics!

It is time to clean out your closets, attics and basement for a tremendously good cause. 95% of textiles can be recycled - worn, torn, or stained- they can all be useful again!!!!. Turn your unwanted items into a revenue source for Special Olympics Kentucky. In conjunction with Ohio Mills Corp, they take the items to be recycled and in turn give a check to Special Olympics Kentucky.

What can be recycled?

Clothing, shoes, towels, linens, purses, bags, belts, jewelry, hats, gloves, scarfs, and blankets.

What if it is torn or stained?

BRING IT ON! The average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of textiles each year. That is equal to 22 billion pounds of textiles that could have been recycled and millions of dollars that could help programs for Special Olympics Kentucky.

There will be a container set up in the parking lot from May 20 thru June 3 where you will be able to drop off your items.

Feel free to give Peggy Keen a call at 502-775-3237.