DuPont Louisville Works Employees

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Welcome to our website. This site was designed so that we can still stay in touch with friends.
Wage roll, salaried, transfers, and current employees alike.
Any suggestions, critisisms, or things that you want added to this web site will be appreciated. Just E-mail me.

We are having a 2017 DuPont Retiree Summer Bash at Mike Linings Wednesday August 16th @ 11:30 am - till???

Bob Reader has reserved the "Derby Room" (white building to right of property).

Please make an effort to attend and ... PLEASE... contact all your retiree friends! We do not have emails or contacts for all that need to be invited.

Should be a lot of fun. If you go to the Rooster gathering the first Monday of August, please spread the word!

Let's all plan on attending.... lot of reminiscing... and story telling (no story off limits)! Spouses welcome

See you there!